Thursday, June 3, 2010

New interview with Norman

Here is a link to a new interview with Norman which includes video and photos on LoopTV


  1. A great anthology of clips and photos of Norman's journey so far. Well put together and very entertaining, great stuff and a good video for new followers to watch so that they can catch up with what's been happening.
    Bravo :-)

  2. Just wondering, does the India monsoon season
    extend as far as Thailand? Do you anticipate weather being a factor in continuing your journey?


  3. Hi Robert, I talked with Norman when he was in Cairo about the timing of adventure and in fact the weather systems around the world were a big factor in deciding the timing of departure and the rest of his route. The monsoon season in SE Asia are a big factor that Norman will be thinking about as he prepares to continue the journey. Monsoons and typhoons do occur all over the planned route through Malaysia, The Philipinnes ansd south China seas and the continuance of the flight will depend on getting to Japan before they arrive. Then the weather problems will be trying to get across the far north before the ice appears and daylight dissapears. At the moment the planned schedule, if the repairs go well and he has no more major problems that force him to be grounded for any length of time, will have him flying ahead of any of these weather problems, so fingers crossed :-)