Saturday, July 31, 2010

News Flash...

Norman will restart his attempt to be the first to fly a gyrocopter around the world, departing Thailand on Sunday (1st August 2010) at 7am (local time).


  1. That's fantastic news. A long wait over at last. Best wishes Norman for the continuation of your flight. I will be following with interest.

  2. Dorothy ThompsonJuly 31, 2010 at 1:11 PM

    Great news that was well worth waiting for. It has made my day Norman.
    Best wishes for Sunday----I will make sure I am up early to follow your flight.

  3. Paul Curtis in DublinJuly 31, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Brilliant news from Nongprue. It must have been tough on all the team to get the autogyro ready again... Well done to all! Best of luck Norman .. You can do it! I will be with you in spirit :-)

  4. That's great news.

    The early take off means it should be cooler and the engine performance should be OK. If the wind is favourable you should be able to avoid the power lines, coconut grove and lake.

    By the time we get up in the UK you should have arrived at Samui (VTSM) - assuming that is still your next stage.

    Lets hope you don't have to land at any more unsuitable strips like Nong Prue.

    Good Luck

    Frank Shaw

  5. Fantastic news Norman, and I have seen on the facebook page that this news has awakened many old friends, all wishing you well. This definitely is Gyrox goes global part two and a great adventure awaits you. And I think Nongprue will go down in history, not because of the circumstances that kept you there but because of the people who have become close friends to you and have helped you over the recent weeks. In fact, Nongprue was possibly the most suitable airfield to be stuck at :-)
    Clear skies and Happy Landings from now on my friend :-)

  6. Way to go Norman. Looking forward to following you again on the SPOT link.


  7. Congratulations Norman. Hope the rest goes without hitches. Stay clear of them ponds!

  8. Well done Norman. True grit indeed.

  9. well done Norman True Grit indeed

  10. Great news Norman, hope all goes 100% perfect for the rest of your epic flight round the globe