Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Norman Recounts His Day at the Flying Show.

(Norman has returned home to Larne, Northern Ireland, after visiting the ‘Flying Show’ at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. He has written about his day at the show where he was able to meet up with aviator friends old and new as well as many fans of his adventure.)

"The trip to Birmingham was a fantastic opportunity to meet up with many of my UK gyro flying buddies. The first person that I encountered was Gyro stalwart and fellow “expeditionary raconteur” John Butler, who had accompanied me to Duxford for the launch of our Global Challenge at the beginning of the year. How appropriate that he should now be the first to pop up at the show to have a chat.

Next up, was a fantastic surprise in the shape of Les Shorrock who I had last seen in Nong Prue, Thailand, during the summer. We met almost as if it was quite a normal matter of fact, everyday occurrence. However, the fact we were now on the other side of the world and no longer dressed in shorts and Flip Flops (as of course, I had only ever met and known him previously while we were both decked out in our tropical apparel) was quite Bizarre.

What a truly international get together this was turning out to be.... another notable coincidence was meeting Alan Taylor who knew Jim Martin from Abu Dhabi very well. I had stayed with Jim while passing through Abu Dhabi and apparently left a (now) missing sock at his apartment....the partner to which I think must still be in my Flight bag in the Philippines....there may even be a photo of it somewhere on Facebook?

Norman with Alan Taylor: Part of the missing sock saga!

Various chats with a whole plethora of Gyronaught pilots (and would be pilots) followed, all wishing me well for the continuation of the world flight next spring..... I was particularly encouraged by the Northern Ireland delegations based at both Newtownards and Aldergrove, a good few of whom had now decided to give Gyro flying a go and had even signed up for some flight training with my flying instructor Chris Jones at Kirkbride in Cumbria. Gyros are extremely well suited to the often strong, gusty and turbulent wind conditions that frequently occur over our undulating hilly terrain in Northern Ireland and personally, it would be nice to (eventually) see a few more flying in my home skies, if only to keep “Roxy” and I company!

The new enclosed Gyro offerings gracing the stands of manufacturers Autogyro/Rotorsport and Magni really looked to define the future aerodynamic shape of our aircraft types into the new decade and even better news, both are now newly certified to fly in the UK.

Norman on the Rotorsports stand with (left to right) Gerry Speich, owner of Rotorsport and 'Roxy' test pilot in Thailand and John Hereward, the aircraft engineer who rebuilt 'Roxy' at Nongprue. This is the first time since Norman departed Nongprue on August 1st that the 'Roxy' resurrection team have been together in the same place! On the far right is Peter Davis from Brooke Farm, Lancashire, which was the first stop on the journey after Norman departed Larne back in March.

I also stopped by to chat with Phil and Katie manning the Gyrocopter Experience stand (or should that be better described as a multiplex entertainment centre!!)

Norman with Phil Harewood from the Autogyro Experience
who also supplied Norman with the Spot Tracker.

...and lastly (but by no means “leastly”) I chatted with the volunteers on the British Rotorcraft Association stand which gives us a great national representation and shop window for “all things Gyro” in the UK. What these experienced “old hands” would be thinking of the fancy new enclosed machines hot off the design boards of Europe would be an interesting conversation to have....but at another time perhaps as, alas, time was rapidly running short and I had to bid my farewells until the next international gathering, wherever that might be.... "

Cheers Norman

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A great day out enjoyed by all who were there and were able to meet and chat with Norman. If you did mange to meet Norman and have some photos of the encounter then please let the support team know at gyroxgoesglobal@gmail.com and your photo may appear in one of the sites online.

...and finally, the Gyrox team have been able to locate the photo of Norman's orphaned sock which is still enjoying the balmy temperatures in Abu Dhabi and it appears it has a new friend to keep it company until that day it is reunited with Norman's other sock!

Norman's orphaned sock. Thanks to James Martin for the photo.

The Gyroxgoesglobal Team

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  1. Love the photos :-) Looks like you had a great time at the show and it was nice to see the return of the 'sock' to the posts :-)
    A good read about the new gyro's as well. Look forward to seeing them up in the skies soon :-)

  2. It was great to see and spend some time with you at the Show, Norman. Regards again, Brendan (Galway)