Friday, December 17, 2010

A Successful Show

Yesterday (16th December), Norman appeared live on the ‘Drivetime’ radio show broadcast by Chaine FM around the world via the internet.

Friends and fans were asked to send in questions and what was expected to be an hour long broadcast stretched in the end to nearly two hours. The DJ, Gary Andrews, talked with Norman about his reasons for taking up Autogyro flying and how this became a flight around the world.

Norman then went on to describe his journey stage by stage with questions from friends and fans being asked when they coincided with the part of the journey being talked about.

Norman was happy to hear from many of the people he had met earlier in his journey, albeit via a question received by email or text.

There were some light-hearted moments, like when he was asked about the use of ‘mid-air’ bananas, French chicken sandwiches, taxiing in a major International airport and whether he would do a lap of honour.

Finally, Norman went on to talk about the resumption of the flight next spring and the difficulties still to come.

The show was a resounding success and very entertaining and Norman wants to thank the DJ, Gary Andrews and his crew at Chaine FM as well as everyone who sent in questions and their best wishes for the rest of the flight.
Norman with DJ, Gary Andrews at Chaine FM Studio

It is hoped that a podcast of the show will be made available soon for all those who missed the live broadcast.

The Gyrox Team

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  1. It was a very enjoyable two hours. I was really interested in all the little details that we hadn't heard before, such as talking to an airline pilot, who was thousands of feet above you, when you were out of radio contact with air traffic control and the arrival at Jeddah airport when you arrived at dusk and couldn't see where to go.
    I am glad that you chose the landing in the desert at Saudia Arabic as your most memorable moment so far as that must have been an incredible experience.