Tuesday, January 18, 2011

World Records Now Official

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the body that rules on all aviation world records, has officially recognised a number of world records achieved by Norman on his journey so far!

The following is a copy of the FAI Document listing the records achieved.

FAI has ratified the following Class E (Rotorcraft) World records:
Sub-class :E-3a (Autogyros : take-off weight less than 500 kg)

Category: General

Group : 1 : piston engine

Type of record : Speed over a recognised course Pilot : Norman Frank SURPLUS (United Kingdom) Autogyro :MT 03 / RotorSport powered by 914 / Rotax Previous record : no record set yet ============================================
Claim number : 15905

Course/location : Larne, NI (UK) - Alexandria (Egypt) Performance : 11.4 km/h Date :06.04.2010 ============================================
Claim number : 16016

Course/location : Alexandria (Egypt) - Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) Performance : 17.3 km/h Date :09.04.2010 ============================================
Claim number : 16017

Course/location : Karachi (Pakistan) - Chittagong (Bangladesh) Performance : 17.17 km/h Date :24.04.201 ============================================
Claim number : 16018

Course/location : Larne, NI (UK) - Chittagong (Bangladesh) Performance : 10.75 km/h Date :24.04.2010 ============================================
Claim number : 16022

Course/location : Larne, NI (UK) - Nongprue (Thailand) Performance : 11.04 km/h Date :29.04.2010 ============================================
FAI congratulates the Pilot on this splendid achievement.

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Splendid achievements indeed and we can expect more to come when Norman resumes the flight in a few months; including the big one: First Circumnavigation of the Globe by Autogyro.

As we look back on Norman’s achievements so far, we can also look forward to the upcoming resumption of the adventure and to prepare for this the Gyrox team will be producing a number of new items to renew interest in the flight.

Watch this blog and Norman’s other sites for updates.

The Gyrox Team

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  1. A great recognition for a flight that is so much more than just records. Congratulations Norman, we are all looking forward to you breaking many more records including the 'Big' one. Well done :-)

  2. Well done Norman for achieving these wonderful records.
    Really looking forward to following you on the continuation of your epic journey.