Monday, May 16, 2011

Norman is Back in The Philippines

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we can now announce that Norman has returned to the Philippines and is hoping to resume his Circumnavigation of the Globe very soon.

Following an eventful flight from the UK to Manila (red tape made him miss his connection in Bangkok) Norman finally arrived at Angeles City, Luzon on Saturday. Meeting up with his old friend from last year, Jay, he arrived at the Woodlands Air Park, home to the Angeles City Flying Club, and was reunited with Roxy, the heroic little gyroplane that had already taken him half way around the world.

Norman takes to the air again
(courtesy of Tonet Rivera)
 It just so happened that the weekend Norman arrived at Woodlands was the weekend they were having a ‘Fly-in’, and Norman was able to give demonstration flights with Roxy that enthralled the visitors, whilst at the same time getting some flying time under his belt after 5 months away from the gyro.
Norman does a low flypast for the spectators
(courtesy of Tonet Rivera)
On a longer test flight Norman circuited the local volcano as well as numerous landings take off and landings.

He was also able to enjoy the rest of the Fly-in activities which included a balloon bursting competition and flour bombing from a ‘squadron’ of microlights! One of the highlights for Norman was when he was given the chance to take the front seat of a newly restored Stearman Biplane as it made its first taxiing trials. Strangely enough…it was the same colour as Roxy!
Roxy takes to the air whilst the big Stearman watches on
(courtesy of Tonet Rivera)

As the fun came to an end, Norman and his colleagues from the flying club set about preparing Roxy for the upcoming resumption of the round the world flight. This included adding new and improved camera mounts, so that the flight can be better documented and a review of the fuelling system which will take a few days to implement.
Norman, back in the hot seat!

Norman was able to re-activate the ‘Spot’ tracker and his weekend flying tracks are still visible by clicking here.

Norman reported that he was very happy to be back flying, especially when he flew low over the fields as the maize harvest was underway and all the harvesters would wave their large harvesting boards to welcome him as he flew over them.
Norman and Roxy in their element
(courtesy of Tonet Rivera)

As for what happens next? There will be an intensive work out period for Roxy which will sort out if there are any problems to be fixed as well as the afore mentioned upgrades and then it will be down to making sure all the paperwork and permits are ready for the resumption of flying on the next leg of this epic journey.

Everyone at the GyroxGoesGlobal team wishes Norman and Roxy well for the second half of the circumnavigation and we look forward to keeping his fans and followers up to date each day with all the news.

Clear skies and happy landings Norman.

The Gyrox Team

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  1. Best of luck with part two Norman. Well done so far. You have a great support and PR team with you along the way. The spot tracker breathes new life, bring it on :-) Dublin, Ireland