Saturday, September 3, 2011

Deja Vu: Your help is needed again.

A feeling of Déjà Vu has descended over the GyroxGoesGlobal camp. Once again we are nearing the cut-off point for continuation of the flight northwards.

With the small summer weather window quickly closing, the realities are that once again Norman may have to call a halt to flight with the hope of resuming it next spring.

The problems, once again, are all down to bureaucracy and the inability of the Russian authorities to issue the required permits that would allow Norman to fly up the east coast of the Russian mainland before making the treacherous crossing of the Bering Straits and reaching the aviation-appreciative shores of Alaska, USA.
Norman, as can be expected, is not happy even just contemplating having to call a halt to the flight. Considering what he has been through it will be a shame that some faceless pen pushers will end this epic, brave and unique journey that has inspired so many and kept the world on the edge of their seats for so many months.
But even so, Norman is still upbeat and being a man who never gives up, still has an optimistic view on the events. There has been a massive assault on the world’s media over the last few days by Norman and the Gyrox team, in the hope that with enough public backing then the Russian authorities may change their stance and finally give Norman the permits he so urgently needs.
(Click the links above to see the news articles).
So all is not lost and even though the ‘seasonal’ clock is ticking, there is still time to make that final effort to get to the USA and Canada in time.
How can You, Norman’s faithful supporters, help? There are a number of things you can do.
1.       Contact your local Russian embassy and let them know that you and many others are disappointed with the Russian authorities for blocking this amazing flight, especiall as it is for a good cause.
2.       Contact your local/national media – press/TV – and make them aware of the problem, suggesting they run something that may make everyone aware of the problems, and maybe use our links to illustrate the story.
3.       Go to the Facebook pages (see links below) and post your supportive messages so that we can show that there is a massive worldwide audience watching the events happening in Russia.
Of course, we will keep you up to date with any breaking news concerning these ongoing negotiations and hope that with your support we can reach a positive outcome.
Many thanks for your patience and support
The Gyrox Team
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