Monday, March 26, 2012

No Flying Yet!

For those who were expecting to see Norman and Roxy flying today and have been watching the Spot tracker for some kind of movement, we have an explanation, sent from Norman himself, as to why there is a hold-up and for once we can tell you that it is not caused by bureaucracy!

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Update on What is Happening

The Weather in Tsuruoka and at Shonai Airport has taken a decided and sudden turn for the worse...
Consider this first picture, taken just after I had put the Rotor back on Roxy a couple of days ago - you can see the arrival of the regular ANA flight from Tokyo in the background and the big piles of rapidly melting snow...
However now take a look at the conditions we were faced with  yesterday - supposedly one of the first days that I have permission to fly…this is the same ANA flight at its stand (and was subsequently delayed because of the severe snow storms). While standing in the hanger we actually heard Thunder up above! - this was actually a very snowy thunderstorm…
So it was little wonder that Roxy and I have had to sit it out for a little while longer before taking to the skies...
Norman and Roxy raring to go, but still firmly stuck on Terra Firma as guests of the Shonai Airport Fire Service.
 …the good news is the forecast is improving n the next few days so keep an eye on the tracker….


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We will of course keep you updated with any news of any flying as and when it happens,
The Gyrox Team
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