Thursday, June 4, 2015

And We're Off!

Yes, we can announce that the Gyrox Goes Global adventure is truly back on track and Norman and Roxy are heading home.
They slipped out of McMinnville yesterday during a break in the weather, catching us all by surprise, headed out to the Ocean so that the flight can truly be called a coast to coast attempt.

Norman sent us his clarification as to what happened yesterday and this is in his own words…

*     *     *

Hi everyone, yes the weather was still a mixed bag…on the way over to Tillamook I flew around a few big rain bursts. By contrast it was a nice bright breezy day by the coast and I spent an enjoyable 15 minutes or so flying up the beach at 75 mph at 20 feet.
I then waited on the ground for quite some time at Tillamook; the FBO guy was out in his truck on the airfield and I had to wait until he appeared back to sign the FAI forms (these are needed to claim various aviation records). I then took off around 4:00 pm to Scappoose where Sportcopter are based. 
Scappoose Airport

About an hour to fly back into the murky mountains following Highway 6 and I then had to loiter a bit and detour to the north at the last to avoid the worst of getting wet…a great feeling looking down at the still glistening roads after a heavy downpour and yet you are flying in the dry just behind it all…
Norman did notice when passing this newsstand that he has made the front pages!

I was very grateful for the big American sized Forestry logging trucks…being quite large means the forestry access roads are also quite substantial and so where it might appear on the tracker that I have been on occasions flying away from the security (in case of emergency landings) of the local public road network in the heavily forested mountains, it actually has been the case that there are some equally as good logging tracks to follow. These tracks are more temporary of course and probably won’t show on the satellite maps.

I am now in a very pleasant B&B at the end of the runway at Scappoose. Tomorrow, improving weather will allow me an earlier start circa 10-11 am, to head up the Columbia Gorge, following the Colombia River to my next planned stop at Hermiston Municipal Airport in NE Oregon.
The Beautiful Colombia Gorge

The Colombia River

*     *     *

We will be checking Norman’s tracker and will announce the departure on his Facebook pages.
You can follow Norman’s progress live whilst he is in the air by clicking this link.

For latest updates check out and ‘like’ the Gyrox Goes Global Facebook page.

The Gyrox Team

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