Sunday, September 12, 2010

Norman and 'Roxy' Perform a Half-Time Show for the Cameras

With part one of ‘The Circumnavigation of the Globe by Autogyro’ now completed and whilst we wait for the imminent news of Norman’s arrival back in Northern Ireland we have been privileged to receive some photographs taken during Norman’s last official day of flying before his return home.

The photographs were taken during the GMA-7 TV shoot (link to the video below) by TV cameraman, Abraham Archangel Aguja Alegre…AKA Bambam. Besides the ground shots and fly-by’s, Bambam went aloft with Norman and was able to take the mid-air videos seen on the TV video.

Thanks go to Bambam for allowing us to use his photos and we have added a link at the bottom of this post to his full album on Facebook that has many more photos from the day’s shoot.

The camera gets close as Norman examines the nosewheel

Norman rolls 'Roxy' out of the hangar at Woodland's.
Pre-flight checks done and Norman is ready for take-off
A perfect shot as Norman flies low for the cameras.
Bambam prepares for his flight and learns how to do the 'Norman Thumbs Up'
The end of a great days filming

Click here to see the full album of photographs taken by Bambam during the TV shoot
Bambam's Photo Album

Click here to see the TV Video
GMA-7 News Video

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