Friday, September 10, 2010

Norman Becomes a TV Star

There has been a massive show of support for Norman’s decision to put the circumnavigation on hold until the weather breaks in the spring of next year. Most people realizing how hard a decision this was for Norman and how amazing has been the journey so far.

Over the last few days the media has taken Norman and his quest to their hearts and non more so than GMA 7, the Philippine Television station that run a very good video on their news show on Wednesday night, 8th September.

Here is the link to that article and although in Philippino there are some great shots of Norman flying and some great words from Norman and Tony Willis, the manager of the Angeles Flying Club where the interview took place.
Click here to watch the GMA-7 TV broadcast

Norman has become something of a star in the Philippines and following the massive outpouring of love from the general public in the Philippines for this modest adventurer from Larne, he can be sure of a warm welcome back there next May.

Norman gives his trademark 'thumbs up' and brimming smile following the flying shots for the GMA-7 news interview.

For your further reading we have added links below to some of the many News articles about the hiatus in the journey that have appeared in Newspapers and magazines around the world.

BBC News: Northern Ireland
Aero-News Network
UK Wired News
The Northern Ireland Newsletter
Ulster TV - Lifestyle
The Larne Times

And to show how touch and go the decision to delay the flight was, here is a link to press report from the 6th September detailing that the flight may still have gone ahead.
NI Newsletter

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  1. These links and all the comments on the previous blog post and on Facebook goes to show that Norman has a great following who are definitely behind him in his decision to put the journey on hold for a few months. I am sure we will all be there again when this amazing adventure restarts next year...enjoy your break Norman, and don't worry, it will soon be Spring :-)