Friday, July 10, 2015

Norman heads into the Canadian Wilderness

Norman has departed from Schefferville airport where he stayed the night. He is now heading further north across the Canadian wilderness to the first of a long line of airports whose names would make a great Scrabble score! First stop - Kuujjuaq on the river Koksoak near Ungava Bay. 
Kuujjuaq in the far north of Quebec Province

He will also accomplish a first just a few miles after departing Schefferville...the first time he has flown further North than at any time since he left Larne 5 years ago! Both Larne and a point 3 miles north of Schefferville lie at 54' 51" N Latitude...
Kuujjuaq terminal...civilisation in the tundra!

Norman had an interesting stopover in Schefferville, an Iron Ore mining town, where everything was covered in a rust coloured dust! Luckily, the guys at Air Inuit found a place for Roxy to spend the night and saw Norman safely ensconced in the town's 'modern' hotel.

'Roxy' all tucked for the night in Schefferville

The flight yesterday was quite an epic one and Norman reported that he saw only two other human's during his 5 hour flight and crossed only one road! Today's flight is into an even more barren area where Norman's only hope of a diversion landing would be on the permafrost or a convenient lakeside. But at least Kuujjuaq is a bit bigger than Schefferville with more cafe's and a post office, it even has a small beach... wink emotic
Norman's hotel in Schefferville

Rust-dust is the prevailing colour as seen from Norman's hotel room

Follow Norman's route via the onboard tracker - Spot

We apologise for the lack of blog posts recently, this has been due to workloads and logistics of getting information back.

A series of catch up blog posts is being prepared to bring the flight up to date.

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