Thursday, July 30, 2015

Norman and Roxy have a memorable time in Nuuk, Greenland

Norman finally arrived in the capital of Greenland, Nuuk after numerous delays caused by weather at his stops in the the wilderness airfields in the far north of Canada.
His lengthy flight from Baffin Island across the Davis Straight to Greenland was one of the most spectacular he has undertaken. He reported back that he flew over many large ice floes as well as the occasional Iceberg, the hidden majority of these watery peaks gleaming blue through the crystal clear icy waters.
He also saw a number of Polar Bears who looked as though a red suited gyronaut would make a lovely snack for them!
Icebergs showing their hidden depths!

But Norman made it safely to the airport at Nuuk where he was greeted and looked after by local pilot Dan Rasmussen. We had arranged for another pilot to meet Norman but the delays meant that he was away on the actual arrival day, but he had sent a heads up to Dan who was more than willing to come out and help Norman.
Dan Rasmussen with Norman

Dan was not only able to advise and support Norman with the aviation details at Nuuk and find 'accommodation' for Roxy but also saw to it that Norman had a good time during his stay in the capital.

They always find space for Roxy when she arrives at a new place :-)
Dan was also kind enough to host Norman and Norman was able to experience the real atmosphere of living in this community at the edge of the icy world.
Enjoying food and drink...Greenland style

Out and about learning how the locals survive in these inhospitable climes

Showing a youngster where Roxy and Norman had been before

There was also a heart stopping moment that lasted 2 days when another pilot went missing.
We at Norman's support team had also been in touch with another circumnavigator, Russian Sergey Ananov, who was flying around the world in a Robinson R22 helicopter. It turned out he was a day behind Norman and was due to arrive in Nuuk the day after Norman's arrival...this seemed a good opportunity to have two rotary circumnavigators at the same spot on the globe at the same time...a great photo opportunity and a chance for the two adventurers to chat about their experiences.

But as Norman waited at the airport for the arrival of this little helicopter it soon became clear that something was wrong as the hours passed and no arrival. Norman contacted us and we contacted the Russian team and it was soon announced that the helicopter had indeed gone down in the Davis straight...the same area Norman had flown across the previous day...complete with Icebergs and Polar Bears.

It was two days before we got the good news that he had been found by a rescue ship, clinging to an ice floe, surrounded by Polar Bears! Norman was happy to receive this news and so prepared to continue to Narsarsuaq at the southern point of Greenland ready for his coastal flight North to then make the jump across the Atlantic to Iceland.
Watch a TV report about the rescue by clicking this link

Norman did depart Nuuk on Sunday for the flight to Narsarsuaq but that is another story...
Filling up the TurtlePac in the usual way
With an eye on the weather, Norman prepares to depart Nuuk

'Good Bye Nuuk, it was great to know you'

We would like to thank Dan Rasmussen for all his help in Nuuk and especially for letting us use his great photos of Norman and Roxy. We would also like to thank all of Dan's friends, the airport staff and locals in Nuuk for making Norman so very welcome.
Nuuk gets a special place on Roxy's rudder :-)

The Gyrox team

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  1. Norman, you sure have some book to write when you get home.
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