Thursday, August 13, 2015

A huge thank you from Norman to everyone that has helped with the Gyrox Goes Global project right around the world.

The mission has been completed! A 5 year Odyssey around the world by a quiet and unassuming gentleman from Larne, Northern Ireland, in his tiny out of the ordinary flying machine, now affectionately called 'Roxy', came to an end just after 7 pm on the 11th August 2015 as the pair touched down on the Sandy Bay Playing Fields in Larne...5 years 5 months after they had taken off from there. 
The crowds that greeted Norman on his arrival were mirrored a hundred fold by the congratulatory messages sent by well wishers from around the world.

Norman has written the following message to thank everyone for their undying support for him and Roxy over the years as well as to all the people everywhere who helped make the homecoming something special.

Norman's words....

 *     *     *

There are so many people in so many countries that it is difficult to mention everyone personally at this point, but rest assured that every single act of kindness and assistance no matter how large or how small, has helped to make this trailblazing flight the global success that it has now become.
Norman and Roxy about to complete the 5 year journey
It has shown me that time and time again in so many far flung places around the globe, that the true spirit of adventure, compassion, generosity and curiosity lies deep within every single person that I have had the very good fortune to meet along the way. We each share a common bond, a common humanity to give help to other humans in time of greatest need. You have all recognised this need at crucial points of the journey and have readily directly or indirectly volunteered and given necessary assistance in recognition of that fact, the numerous FAI World Records that have been set by this circumnavigation flight in reality should belong to all of us....without the contribution and cooperation of everyone that has managed to keep the project moving through the many challenges and pitfalls both in the air and on the ground, the flight could simply not have been able to complete any of its overall objectives at all.
Norman and Roxy are swamped by the media and well wishers on arrival
 In a way I suppose "Roxy" has been a catalyst, the glue if you like, that has remotely bonded so many diverse peoples from so many diverse cultures and countries to work together for a common purpose, a simple goal; to simply help to see this littlest of aircraft achieve the biggest of dreams, to win out against all the odds stacked against it and to safely and successful achieve a pioneering Autogyro flight right around the world.
You have all made this possible!
The co star of the show....Roxy 
For now, Roxy is enjoying a well-earned is a picture meeting the new neighbours, a curious bunch, showing that all so familiar reaction...."what is that thing that has just dropped out of the sky, don't tell me it is actually capable of flying right around the world?! " We now all know the answer :-)
Roxy arrives home, the countryside of County Antrim, to be greeted by some curious locals :-)
And a big thanks of course to all our legions of online followers as well... perhaps not able to physically give the actual "hands on” assistance, none the less you have all helped tremendously in supporting the physiological effort and encouragement that this type of journey requires... Flying Solo, as the name implies, can be a very lonely business especially in the most remote and hazardous corners of the world and simply knowing the SPOT tracker is being keenly followed online by so many dedicated "virtual adventurers" has assisted greatly in not feeling quite so isolated up (and out) there....
The final update from 'Spot' shows the journey completed
My next immediate challenge is to record and account for the multitude of experiences and stories that have occurred throughout the journey, many of which have not been shared publicly as yet. Only by writing it all down as a book will I be able to begin to share the full story of the flight, the many adventures, mishaps, tricky situations and miraculous escapes that more often than not could simply not have be imagined before the flight had commenced.
I best get started!!
The family reunited
 My best wishes and warmest thanks to you all.


*     *     *

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