Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And The Adventure Is On Again!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Norman, flying ‘Roxy’ his bright yellow autogyro, has departed Laoag and is now on his way to Japan.  The flight, mainly over open ocean will take approximately 9 hours and he is expected to arrive at Kadena Air Force Base around 16:00 hrs (Japanese Time – 07:00 GMT/UTC). You too can follow his flight in real time by going to the ‘Spot’ onboard flight tracker.

Norman and Roxy took off at approximately 06:20hrs, Philippines time ( 22:20GMT/UTC) and headed north to clear the Island of Luzon in the Philippines before starting the massive open-water flight to the Island of Okinawa, Japan, and an arrival at the USAF air base at Kadena.

Before departure Norman was able to send us the latest weather report covering his proposed route and everything looks fine, including some much hoped for tailwinds!
For those interested in the tech side of things, here is Norman's departure weather report

We hope everyone enjoys following the flight on Spot and that you all continue supporting Norman as he continues his quest to become the first pilot to fly an Autogyro around the world.

Check back regularly for updates and make sure you keep watching that orange line on the tracker as it snakes it way across the world to Northern Ireland and home.

The Gyrox Team
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  1. Good luck Norman, with the flight.
    I am watching your progress on SPOT.
    Have a safe journey, everyone in Larne are thinking about you.

  2. Terrific flying Norman. A great start to the second half :-)