Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Countdown Begins

We can now announce the departure time for the resumption of the flight. Norman will be departing Laoag International Airport at 06:00 hrs (Philippine time) on the morning of Wednesday 20th July 2011. This equates to 22:00 hours GMT/UTC tonight, 19th July 2011.

This very early start means that most fans will be able to at least see Norman’s take-off and probably his arrival at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa tomorrow. So make sure you have the link to the Spot Tracker bookmarked to make sure you can follow every mile of his flight across the Philippine Sea to his first landing in Japan.

The flight is expected to last a staggering 9 hours and arrival time at Kadena is scheduled for 16:00 hrs Japanese Time.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to Norman and Roxy as they make their way across the open sea and gratefully, Typhoon Ma-on which has been causing problems in Southern Japan has started move out to the east and should be no problem for Norman.

To whet your appetite for the upcoming adventure, we have received some photographs and a small video from Mark Gillet of Norman’s departure from Woodland Air Park yesterday. Mark was amongst the many friends and fans that turned out to see Norman fly out of the airfield that has been home for Roxy for 10 months.
Norman prepares Roxy for departure at Woodland Air Park. (photo, courtesy of Mark Gillet)
Ready to go! (photo, courtesy of Mark Gillet)

A final wave and Norman departs Woodland Air Park (photo, courtesy of Mark Gillet)

Here is the Video, also taken by mark Gillet...

So here it is, after all the waiting the adventure is about to restart. In a few hours Norman will settle into Roxy’s cockpit, start the Rotax engine and fly out of the Philippines, heading north to Japan. We hope you will keep Norman company as he traverses open ocean, mountainous terrain, arctic tundra, ice flows and forests over the next couple of months. Check that you have the tracker ready now by clicking here.

All our best wishes Norman for a safe and trouble free flight,

The Gyrox Team
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