Friday, July 22, 2011

Norman is Okay at Oki!

Earlier today, Friday 22nd July, Norman departed Fukue Airport on Fukue-Jima Island at around 11:20hrs local (02:00 GMT/UTC) and headed North towards the main Islands of Japan; Kyushu and Honshu. Generally following the coastlines of these two islands, Norman and Roxy flew past the major city of Nagasaki and eventually turned out to sea near Miho Airport where a 45 mile crossing of the Sea of Japan brought him to the small group of Islands called the Oki Islands where at 16:10 local time he landed at Oki Airport on the Island of Dogo.

The whole flight took just short of five hours with a distance covered of approximately 365 miles (588km/318nm) with no problems and clement weather conditions.
Norman is marshalled in at the quiet Oki Airport on Dogo Island, Japan. (Photo courtesy of Elisabeth Pardee)

Norman was greeted at Oki airport by a Facebook friend, Elisabeth Pardee who was able to act as his translator. We are grateful to Elisabeth for contacting us and giving us an update on Norman’s wellbeing. This is what Elisabeth was able to tell us...
“Norman arrived safe and sound at about 4:10 this afternoon. He was greeted by a combination of airport personnel, tourist information workers, and some Board of Education and public office workers. After he got off of his plane we took him (a BOE employee named Mr. Ikemoto, a Japanese teacher of English named Mrs. Matsuoka, and myself) to get his hotel reservation in Saigo, the main town. Then we went to get sushi at a Kaitenzushi restaurant (one of those places with revolving plates of sushi going around) and he regaled us with exciting stories of his travels. The Oki people were all thrilled to see him. He's made an absolutely wonderful impression here and I think people will be turning out in droves to see him off tomorrow.
It seems that Norman can bring out the best in people and with his winning smile and warm conversation he inspires so many people who meet him.
For instance, check the personal blog post of Marga Ortigas, the Al Jazeera correspondent who interviewed Norman prior to his leaving from Woodland Air Park. Read it here.
As Elisabeth said, it is expected that Norman will have a great turnout tomorrow to see him off on his next leg. The world renowned Japanese hospitality is certainly being shown to our intrepid traveler. But, another day, and another destination…and tomorrow that means Shonai on the western coast of Honshu Island.
Yet another Volcano will greet norman on arrival. This time it will be Mt Chokai near Shonai!

An estimated time of departure of 10:00hrs local (01:00 GMT/UTC) will see him fly North East, back across the Sea of Japan to his final destination in Japan, Shonai, a distance of 400 miles (640km/345nm). We are still waiting for confirmation of the departure date from Japan and Norman may well have a rest day in Shonai before continuing on to Russia. Keep checking back for the latest updates.
We are hoping for some more images tomorrow, hopefully from Norman’s departure from Oki and maybe an update from Norman himself if he gets time and an internet connection in Shonai.
Another day and another massive flight for such a small aircraft. As Marga says in her blog, His energy was infectious from the start; his smile enough to brighten any day” and I am sure we all agree.
The Gyrox Team
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  1. People will be impressed with Normanm while on his travels and take him to their hearts.
    He really is one in a million.