Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Norman has landed safely just south west of Pescara

Norman has landed safely just south west of Pescara, which is on the east coast of Italy. This followed a four hour flight over the Appenine / Appenini mountains. 

Check the out the exact landing point on the SPOT GPS tracker on the website http//www.gyroxgoesglobal.com


  1. Joseph Ferris, CushendallMarch 30, 2010 at 5:09 PM

    Well done Norman. I've followed your flight the whole day (and the previous days too) trying to anticipate how you were going to battle against the winds and get across the backbone of Italy. My geography is improving daily as I browse the details on Google Earth. I'm having great fun following your adventure and cheering you on. Hope things are working to plan. Take care and keep 'er lit'.

  2. Well done on making it over the mountains safely, that looks like a lot of ground covered today. Hope your travels continue to go well.

  3. Norman, I own and fly an MTOSport in South Devon, some years back I flew a fixed wing on the route you have taken so far ending up in Corfu - the crossing of the Appenines was a challenge especially with the smoke of forest fires in the air, I'm glad that you made it across safely - tomorrows flight will be a piece of cake by comparison, the east coast of Italy is flat, flat, flat - just watch out for the military, for some reason the Italians don't like you anywhere near their MATZ, not that they've got much to hide. Stay safe.

  4. Hi Norman,
    Looks like you covered a lot of ground today!
    Followed your progress all afternoon - the spot tracker is excellent.
    Dont be surprised to hear that Claire is concerned how you might keep excercising!!!
    Stay and Fly safe.
    Best wishes Michael

  5. You're doing great guns pal.
    We're all rooting for you and Gordon has managed to find a "virtual" Gyrocopter and is covering your routes.
    Well done Norma.
    Andy & the lads from Vorona VA