Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Norman drops in before flying off!

Norman Surplus got of to a flying start today in his attempt to go around the globe in an autogyro. He dropped into Larne, N. Ireland, his starting point on his global adventure, where he was enthusiastically greeted by hundreds of local people and school children.
According to the Irish Times He arrived with the cheers of hundreds of well-wishers behind him. After high-fives with many banner-waving youngsters, Mr Surplus said emotional goodbyes to his wife Celia and young children Felix and Petra before climbing on board. (Richard McMeekin) Irish Times 23 March 2010  
Norman is now at RotorSport UK Ltd in Shropshire, England where he is getting final adjustments to the autogyro completed.  He will then fly to the south east of the UK to Kent before departing on the next leg of the journey to France in Friday.
Temporary problem with SPOT tracking 
Remember you can track him across the globe with SPOT at the moment it inaccurately has him in the North West of England.  This will be re-set and will reflect his actual position later today.  
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  1. The start of an incredible adventure. Good luck to you, we'll be watching your progress everyday!

  2. Well done Norman! Thought you were stuck at Peter's place yesterday, glad to hear that you are making progress. Saw your pic in the Grauniad too - excellent!

    All the guys at Wickenby will be cheering you on.

  3. Awesome stuff, you're going to have such a sense of achievement when you finish the trip. Best of luck!

  4. G'day from Australia; you are a beaut Norman; we're all proud of you (especially those from NI);you give us a lot of street cred here; I fly one like yours, been about 5 miles in it and was terrified!
    Best of good wishes Joe & Johanna Orr (ex Omagh)