Thursday, March 25, 2010

France here we come!

Some people have asked why Norman and Gyrox is still in the UK. We have a technical base RotorSport UK Ltd in Shropshire where the autogyro was getting some final technical adjustments because  of the extraordinary demands of the journey.  This was already planned for.

Norman and Gyrox are now heading for Kent for an overnight. On Friday March 26th it will be flying across the White Cliffs of Dover accompanied by another autogyro acting as camera platform.  

Then to France where it is expected in Le Touquet airport on Friday (depending on weather conditions) then three other stops. The stop offs in Sarlat Domme and Béziers-Vias Saturday and finally Toulon-Hyères airport Sunday before heading down across Italy on Monday.

To get an insight to what lies ahead for Norman the photo above was taken of him flying over France last year. 

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  1. Hope Norman and Gyrox are OK this evening, the weather's been a bit mucky down here in Kent.

  2. Godspeed, Norman. I look forward to following your progress on this blog.

  3. Is Spot a little off? Or did you really land on the Isle of Grain? Glad the weathers a lot better today for your flight to France. Bon Voyage.