Sunday, March 28, 2010

Norman live on the BBC World Service tonight

Breaking news - Norman will be live tonight on the BBC World Service radio programme News Hour at 21.50 (GMT) check times in your area of the world.


  1. Well done, Matey. I hope you got a great view if La Cite at Carcassonne.
    Paul Weller, whom you met at the strip, sent me a fabulous montage of flying images of PPLG. Stunning. I wonder how the local ATC garcons have been? Your diversion looked a bit spooky and appeared that you were scooting around high ground? Tommy knows we are lining up some chums of mine in Dubai and the States, but I suspect by the burgeoning interest that there will be lots of flockers out for you by then. Glad the radio is seemingly dryed-out. JEB

  2. There's something very old-fashioned and appealing about this adventure - it's like a return to the days of the early aviation pioneers in their open cockpits. Have a safe trip to Italy Norman!