Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spot update / arrival in Corfu

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I am safely at the airport in Corfu - The SPOT has me over the sea just off the island - there was heavy cloud over the island as I approached the airport - this might have affected the signal - and I might have turned off the signal to early as the Ground Handling agent approached.  

On landing I recieved the full works - "Follow me" van - Table tennis bats (a bit tongue in cheek however) they were all very friendly and somewhat amazed at my crossing from Italy... all going well. Cheers N.

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  1. Bet the "Follow Me" van was almost bigger than Gyrox! Good going Norman, amazing progress.

  2. Phew Norm! I was a smite bit concerned at the lack of movement with the tracking. Thought you'd gone for a swim with the dolphins. Seriously though, all's well that ends well. As before, I wish you all the luck and good weather ahead of your journey.


  3. Well done Norm ....I like Roger was holding my breathe ....a long leg completed well

    Good luck and Godspeed
    Pete Chester ( Wet and windy ! )

  4. Likewise, I was nervous when SPOT did a bit of hovering. What's been you longest over-water stint so far?

  5. Thank you for having reassured us, really this after noon I did not any more see the blip advancing on the card, and I got worried, everything goes well. Thank you for making us dream and good trip