Monday, May 24, 2010

The autogyro engine is tested and other work begins

Yesterday (22 May 2010) we carried out Non Destructive Testing (NDT) on the engine to look for any possible internal damage. Thankfully none showing up here at Nongprue Airfield, Thailand. We then ran the engine today Sunday to full power. It was great to have the engine running again for the first time since the beginning of May. Photo below shows Austrian built Rotax engine in Gyrox autogyro (may be used with permission

We are now stripping down the aircraft ready for rotor mast repair so we are showing steady progress. Photo below shows Norman greeting specialist autogyro engineer John Hereward under the cool of a palm tree on his arrival at Nongprue, Thailand (may be used with permission


  1. Glad to hear the engine at least is running well. It's good to know Gyrox is in safe hands and will hopefully soon be back in the air. Chin up Norman!

  2. Fantastic and uplifting news. A great start to the week. Good to hear the engine is AOK and we look forward to hearing that the mainframe and rotor mast are fixed and ready for action. It's all looking good :-)

  3. Norman,

    from a fellow Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot: good luck, many tail winds and happy landings. I wish you all the best on this great adventure of yours!
    Pedro Pinho

  4. Pedro,
    Thanks for the comment. Send your email to and we will put you on the circulation list for updates if you are interested

  5. Norman, let us know when you're airborne and we'll go ahead and put your steak on the grill, awaiting your arrival in USA.

  6. Thank you for writing some explanations such as this, it allows us to continue to think of Norman and help