Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gyrox stripped as repair work begins in earnest

In the last week Gyrox autogyro has been stripped down to its basic parts. This is to facilitate comprehensive cleaning, checking and drying of of every item which is essential after a dipping in water. Photo below shows Norman taking off from Nongprue Airfield, Thailand just before the accident. Note the powerlines in the background (may be used with permission

It is anticipated that a specialist engineer will be flying into Thailand on today Thursday (20 May 2010) from the UK braving potential ash clouds and civil unrest. He has considerable experience in working on autogyros and will be carrying 18 kg of small spares and special tools!. He will first thoroughly inspect the autogyo then lead on any repair work needed, supported by the Nongprue crew and Norman.


  1. Great update and good to hear that things are progressing well. I hope the engineer can get to you OK and that the troubles in Bangkok doesn't interfere with your progress.
    Great photo btw :-)
    Best wishes for the next few days and hopefully the engineer gives his thumbs up to the repairs :-)

  2. I am surprised, looking at this picture I found that the rotor does not have enough slope to the rear although Norman did the aft stick, this possibility could explain the great length of his flight, because due to this the rotor starts slower