Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gyro enthusiast reports on repairs and what Norman had to say

An autogyro enthusiast from Sweden, Andreas Hansson, who recently visited Norman at Nong Prue, Thailand reports on what he found and what Norman had to say. This is from some Facebook entries by Andreas. Photo below shows Andreas Hansson with Norman at Nongprue Airfield (may be used with permission
"Today I am back in Pattaya and rented a motorbike to see Norman and his newly flown in tech from UK, efficiently overhauling the engine (with instructions from EAA).
The tech did a lot of measurements on the Gyrox engine, and as long as I stayed with them he did a lot of heavy maintenance on the engine, including checking the crankshaft for not being bent (180 degrees exactly between full compression of each cylinder), and also made some crack-tests on important parts of the inner parts of the engine. This guy really know what he's doing!
Norman took the time to tell me about interesting parts of his flight trip so far, how he managed to cross hills with down winds blowing along the side.
He also shared very interesting thoughts how to ditch a gyro plane into the sea in case of engine stop, which I am going to take with me when I am flying in Sweden."

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  1. A great report from Andreas, it was good to hear from one of Norman's followers who took the time to re-visit him at Nongprue and report back to us with the good news. Well done Andy :-)