Sunday, May 2, 2010

Norman not flying today / new Thai photos

Norman will not be flying today but we have just uploaded some photos of him flying and hanging out at Nongprue. Thailand.  To see the new photos go to this link. Below is a sample (May be used with permission


  1. This is sad news made lighter by the fantastic photos! I am sure Norman is raring to get off and continue his journey but he has unwittingly picked a great place to be held up in. Is there any idea what the problem is, I am sure we all hope it's something simple and that he can continue very soon.
    Enjoy your prolonged stay in Nongprue, it seems to be a great place with a great bunch of people.
    Best wishes :-)

  2. Those are beautiful pictures, I wish we had some of that great weather here in Kent right now.

    Can't believe how long Gyrox's rotors are in the picture where everyone's lined up in front of her!

    I hope the technical issues will be sorted soon and you can continue safely on your way.

  3. Paul in Dublin, IrelandMay 2, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    It's late at night now in Thailand and still no news of G-YROX so it would seem no news is bad news at this time.....please keep us facebook fans in the loop as we take a great pride and a huge interest in Norman,his wonderful flying machine and what he is trying to achieve......

  4. We are with you in this adventure !Your friends from Brazil !

  5. why dont you just say whats happened? if the engines failed so its failed, vapour lock with car fuel and high temps i guess. Just get a new engine shipped. turn the story to your advantage, put out a plee, there are enough followers all with $25 to get you on the way again. even the manufactures, have them send out a new airframe and carry on.