Sunday, May 9, 2010

Norman working out the logistics of getting repair work done

Norman is still working out the logistics of getting the repair work done on the autogyro which will take some specialist expertise.


  1. Good luck with the repairs and hope you get back on your trip real soon. As I hope to see you fly back into Larne in July

  2. I hope you can get all the parts to Nongprue as soon as possible then you can get the engineers there to help you get back into the air. It must be frustrating waiting for everything to arrive but it must be heartening to know how many people are rooting for you...nearing a thousand friends on facebook!
    Take care and make the most of your unexpected rest in Thailand, you'll soon be Island hopping :-)

  3. Hopefully new blades will get you in the air again, Norman. I'm waiting for you in Vancouver so that I can fly along side you as a fellow countryman in my Cessna.

  4. Hi John
    How do you know Norman is awaiting blades. Has he released a statement about the condition of the aircraft.



  5. Not details have been release as yet - Gyrox Goes Global Team

  6. Hi Frank,

    Poor choice of words on my part but it is very likely the blades are toast. Anyway, they have served him faithfully for the distance travelled and a new set should take him the full orbit. Hopefully the mast is ok as this would involve deeper 'surgery'. Bent pitch links etc are easy to change. Once Norman gets to chopping air again, coming to N' America will make up for the mishap. It will be like a mother flinging wide open her arms to welcome her child when he makes his way here. No landing fees, little bureaucracy, cheap fuel and others will be appreciated by him.

    All the best,