Monday, May 3, 2010

Norman is well but the autogyro is damaged

Thank you for all your patience. Norman is well but the autogyro has been damaged a will not be flying for the immediate future. Here is a message received from Norman by mobile / cell phone text in relation to taking off on Saturday morning. 

"Apologies to all for the delays - a combination of high air temperature, heavy aircraft and variable cross wind resulted in a poor climb out by the aircraft on take off. Obstacle avoidance resulted in a forced ditching in to a shallow lake. Thankfully I was not injured and the aircraft is now being assessed for possible repair. There will be more on this as soon as I know all the options. Regards, Norman."

End of text. We have no other information at present, communications with him is difficult and as you can imagine he is occupied with 101 things. Below is a photo of Norman with Andreas Hansson earlier today at Nongprue, Thailand (May be used with permission


  1. Thank you for informing us of this sad event. We are very glad that Norman is safe and well and we can understand that he will be very upset with this result. I am sure Norman will try everything physically possible to get Roxy airworthy again and to continue his remarkable journey, but we want him to be 100% safe before he does that and if the journey has to end here then there is no shame in smashing so many records and bringing happiness and friendship to so many people in so many countries. Norman, you are a hero and your journey has inspired and educated people all around the world.
    Good luck in your endeavour to get Roxy back into the air, you have thousands of people rooting for you.
    Best wishes

  2. Wow, that sounds scary, but I'm glad to hear Norman is OK. How ironic that in an earlier blog he talked about the prospect of a ditching and what it would mean for Gyrox in terms of repairs.

    I do hope things can be sorted out so you can get going again - this is a fantastic project and really worthwhile. Hang in there!

  3. All the best to Norman and hope GYROX is up and flying soon.

  4. Sorry to hear your news, but glad you're safe. Take care.

  5. Joseph Ferris, CushendallMay 3, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    Terrible setback ... but that's all it is and reassuring to hear that no one's been hurt. Let's hope that G-YROX can be fixed and you can bravely continue with the project. you're surrounded by willing and helpful friends in a civilised part of the World so there's every reason to hope that you'll be on your way in a few weeks. What a story to tell your grandchildren ... 'when the going gets tough, it's the tough that keep going' ... best wishes.

  6. Best wishes from everyone at B9 Energy - "You can't keep a good man down"

  7. Your an inspiration to us all Norman. With luck you will be able to continue with this awesome voyage. The Autogyro can be replaced if not repaired. Glad your okay and not harmed, that's the main thing. Best wishes to you Norman.

  8. After sitting on the edge of my seat for a couple of days, I was sorry to hear of the problems with GYROX, but relieved to hear that Norman is safe and well. Hopefully repairs and safety checks can be carried out and Norman will be able to continue his epic journey, arriving back home a little later than planned.

    Good luck Norman

  9. Dave Browett said....

    Sorry to hear the news about the damaged suffered to GYROX but very glad to know Norman is safe. Hopefully he will be able to continue the onward journey back to Larne in GYROX providing repairs can be carried out successfully.

  10. Glad to hear that you are OK Norman. Fingers crossed that all will turn out well and that you can continue your fantastic journey.

  11. Such a shame this had to happen! Looks like a bunch of factors combined crept up and bit...great that you weren't injured ! Sure hope there is a way for you to continue this epic flight ! Best regards Norman !

  12. Fortunately you are well and hopefully this episode will just be another great story on your fantastic adventure. I hope you get the gyro fixed quickly and can proceed to the next leg of your journey. Keep going, you are an inspiration to a lot of people around the world.

    All the best Norman!

  13. Jonathan SurplusMay 3, 2010 at 7:13 PM

    Was sad to read you have had a problem but more importantly glad to hear you are safe. Keep safe. Take care! Hope you are off flying again soon.

  14. Glad you are OK Bo we are all watching everyday from the Manchester Branch, l am sure you will be flying again soon Take care.

  15. Norman,I like a man with grit remember determination is the answer for your endeavor.

  16. Sounds much like settling with power in the helicopter world.

  17. Hi Norman did a lecture today on the Irish explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. He Shackleton never gave up and rescued all his men on Elephant Island I know you will try your best Norman and we are with you all the way. Best wishes and safe home from The Shackleton and Aviation Museum Ballykelly

  18. Since there is nothing else to do, watch and wait. But if you could give us some information, it would be very nice, thank you in advance


  19. Fantastic community support! Your adventures are highlighting the goodwill that is possible among people, when political stuff isn't on the table.
    All that effort and good will can't be for naught. I'm hoping that Gyrox is up to the challenge, as you certainly are.

  20. Norman,
    Some interesting 'stuff' for you to check out when you have time.
    John Stewart.

    This is a good place to roll the wheels on when you make it to Vancouver.
    I can arrange to meet you along the coast somewhere in my 150 and I can be your wingman for the flt. over the beautiful city of Vancouver!

    Where I keep my Cessna, about 3nm. east of Boundary Bay.
    Beside the hangar with the goose and the two flags.

    Friendly folk and Mary will make you the best burger bar none!

    This is a good show to attend and about a 40 min flight south in G-YROX.
    Approx. 2000 aircraft attend annually.

    An interesting site all about flying in the Pacific Northwest.