Friday, August 6, 2010

Norman Reports On His Departure From Nongprue.

The first flight to Trang was very pleasant - I got a great send off from Nong Prue with virtually the whole crew there for 0700 local except for Ian and Gerry who were away. Everyone lined up and clapped as I started to roll which was very touching - I definitely had a lump in the throat signing off on the radio with Tiger, knowing everyone would be listening in on his hand held radio. Flight over the Gulf of Thailand was very peaceful after hectic last few days - had time to eat my sandwich and look at the many fishing boats below. Loads of little rocky Islands - cliffs on one side little sandy beach on the other complete with the odd solitary Coconut palm tree on the shore - proving the fact that coconuts float to get from island to island.... real Tracy Island thunderbirds stuff..

Near to Trang the rain clouds appeared but these were easy to fly around and made for some spectacular Scenery not unlike rugged Scottish highlands except for temperature.... Trang was very pleasant everyone out to meet me and then a quick trip through the pass on the mountains - hence the dogleg second flight to avoid the higher cloud topped peaks. Hat Yai; interesting to see another part of Thailand and as luck would have it, I spent the evening with Ian who had missed the departure from Nong Prue - he happened to be down here for a motorbike week!
Buddhist Good Luck Ceremony
and Blessing before departure

Looking forward to Malaysia as Celia and I have been before to KL so I’ll seek out a Lassy Namak curry.



  1. A great and emotional description of your departure from Nongprue. It must have been hard to say goodbye to so many new friends. I hope you got your curry as well :-)
    The photo is brilliant! The jouney is bound to be successful now, you have... Karma on your side :-)
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to get this blog post to us :-)

  2. A really interesting account. It was sad when you left Cairo after 3 days so I can imagine how the people felt when you left Nongprue after 3 months. Safe travels Norman.

  3. A wonderful description of your journey towards Malaysia.
    I am sure in one way you were sorry to leave all the new friends you have made in Nong Prue but you must continue on your journey.
    Thank you for sharing the photo of the Buddhist Good Luck Ceremony and Blessing with us,it must have been very moving.

  4. Norman - good to see that you on your way again. I'm sure you will have made many new friends in Nongprue after your 'rest' there. Hope the rest of the trip is as planned and that you have no more 'hitches' All the best and see you soon hopefully.

  5. Norman, you have made friends every where you've been, and we're all now travelling round the world with you, what a great human adventure, keep safe and all the best from France !


  6. I'm sure, in the fullness of time, you'll look back at your stay in Nong Prue as one of the highlights of your trip. Their generosity of spirit touched all of us who were hoping for the best outcome. We're with you all the way...Canada is just around the corner!
    Love, Barbs xx