Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Norman to be Honoured at the Burning Man Festival.

During his stay at Woodland Air Park whilst waiting to start the next leg of the journey, Norman was delighted hear that his name is to be added to the ‘Flammable Stanley Cup for Cancer Survivors’.

This is a project to create a replica of the famous Ice Hockey Trophy called the Stanley Cup on which names of cancer survivors will be engraved. Its main aim is to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors and give hope to those who are dealing with it now.

The cup will be made of flammable materials so that it can burnt at the World famous ‘Burning Man Festival’. The project creator, Marissa Krupa, has asked that if anyone who knows of other survivors that would like their name added to the cup to please contact her via the link below.

Along with others, Marissa is hoping that Norman’s fight against cancer followed by his incredible adventure will inspire others in their own battles with the disease.

A worthy cause that has acknowledged Norman’s achievements and which Norman is pleased to be part of. The photo below shows the 'Stanley Cup' being constructed.

(Coutesy of Marissa Krupa)

If you want to know more check out the following links.

Check out The Flammable Stanley Cup Web Page
Check out the Burning Man Festival Website

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