Saturday, August 21, 2010

Norman Returns To Woodland Air Park.

As many will have seen, via the Spot Tracker, Norman departed Laoag Airport this morning and flew south, covering the 200 miles (321 Km) back to Woodland Air Park, near Angeles City in the centre of Luzon Island.

You may remember that Norman stayed here for a couple of days as the guest of the Angeles City Flying Club and was able to perform G-YROX’s 25 hour maintenance checks with the help of locally based engineers whilst he was there.

So following an open invitation to return to the flying club at anytime and also because of the continuing delay in receiving permissions to fly on to the next country in his schedule, Norman will be spending some time at Woodland’s with friends he made when there earlier this month.

Hopefully permissions will be forthcoming soon and then Norman can get under way again but in the meantime a new set of photos have arrived showing Norman arriving at Laoag International Airport.

Photo one shows Norman and G-YROX on approach to the airport.

(Photo Coutesy of Rey Anthony C. Villanueva)

Photo two shows Norman and G-YROX taxiing to the apron.

(Photo Coutesy of Rey Anthony C. Villanueva)

Photo three shows Norman and G-YROX coming to a halt in front of a marshaller who is signaling Norman to cut engines!

(Photo Coutesy of Rey Anthony C. Villanueva)

Photo four shows Norman and G-YROX safely on the apron with a beautiful Philippine skyline as a backdrop.

(Photo Coutesy of Rey Anthony C. Villanueva)

Photo five shows Norman repositioning G-YROX in the way only he knows best.

(Photo Coutesy of Rey Anthony C. Villanueva)

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  1. Great to hear you are spending time with your friends from Woodlands. All the waiting for bureaucrats to get their act together must be frustrating but at least you will be with like minded people and I'm sure a glass or two will be raised :-)
    The new photos are fantastic and I love the one with the Marshaller. Roxy is obviously not what he is used to marshalling.
    Have a great time with the guys from ACFC and fingers crossed for a quick resumption to your flight :-)

  2. Terrific photos of you and Roxy arriving at Laoag. Thanks must go to Rey for sharing these with us.
    Enjoy the time spent with your friends at Woodlands.
    I hope next week brings good news and you will soon be on you way to another new country.
    Best wishes from all in Larne

  3. in Japan they have these rules than an ultralight/experimental can only fly around the special UL airfields...and in a radius of only 9km around the same spot.

    A gyro such as the MTO is not certified to fly to airports or above other zones.

    I hope that they will make an exception for you.

  4. Bureaucracy stinks.
    I'd be very tempted to just go and fly along the coastlines, landing on the beaches and getting someone to get me fuel.

    John from bureaucracy free Vancouver.

  5. Nice landing kiddo...hope you get airborne again soon for the big run through Japan. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that you'll chew through all that red tape. Barbs xx

  6. Pleasure to meet you Norman and I hope all goes well in your planning for Japan. Either way, we will be happy. No fly and we get to see you again at Woodland; fly and you will be off with the birds.

    We have your link on our website

    Warm regards,

    Terry H - President ACFC