Saturday, August 7, 2010

Norman is Now in The Philippines!

Norman has arrived in the Philippines, the 16th new country visited by Norman since leaving Larne in March. After a rest day in Kota Kinabalu, during which he managed to get his 3rd haircut of the trip (see photo), he departed early this morning for the 350 mile (560 Km) flight over the Sulu Sea to the Philippine Island of Palawan where he landed at Puerta Princesa International Airport (RPVP) at 13:50 local time.

Norman looks happy after only his 3rd haircut
in nearly 5 months.
Norman followed the northern coast of Borneo before heading north to make the 100+ mile (160 Km) over open water crossing to the Philippines.

There were thunderstorms reported in the area but Norman arrived safely before they could affect his flight. The early arrival means that Normal will have a good rest before tomorrows intended flight to the biggest island in the Philippine archipelago, Luzon. Weather and permissions allowing, he will be landing at Subic Bay, a famous name from the 2nd World War, and after refuelling he will fly on to Laoag near the northern tip of Luzon Island.

This could easily mean a distance of 550 -600 miles (885-965 Km) may be flown tomorrow. Definitely a day to Follow the Spot Tracker.


  1. You look a lot happier after your rest day Norman, and a little less like the 'Wild Man of Borneo' after your haircut, lol.
    A great flight today, you whizzed through that leg and your point of arrival looks quite a place. Enjoy your first day in the Philippines and we will be following your progress intently tomorrow.
    Happy landings :-)

  2. Glad you had a short flight today.
    Had to thumbnail the photo, hardly knew you with the hair cut short.

    Take care tomorrow, will be with you most of the journey as I am addicted to SPOT, just willing you on to your destination.

  3. I hope Norman and GYROX are okay. I was watching the spot tracker all evening and he did not refuel at Subic Bay as planned and the track ended near Mount Arayat in the Philippines, which was short of his destination of Laoag. It was unusual there was no airport at his last spot. When you google the weather it is sure hot and humid there. Safe journey Norman.

    Jim Cook - Vancouver, Canada

  4. There is no need to worry about Norman Mr Cook. He has landed at an Ultralight Field called Woodlands Airpark near to Angeles City. It is a small field and does not show up on the Spot Tracker. As soon as we get further information we will posting a new blog with details of todays flight.

  5. I've been following G-YROX on SPOT since day 1, including checking ever day during the "down time!". There's a long water leg coming up from the Philipines over to Taiwan and then up along the Japanese islands, can anyone tell me how to display a scale in the SPOT window so we've an idea of the distance covered?

    Good luck, Norman, and stay safe. I'll be in the crowd when you fly your last circuit into Larne very soon now!

  6. Simply amazing, Norman! I often think of what Chris (Kirkbride) must be thinking? I remember your first flight back to larne. Many Inches, add up to a mile.
    Keep it up---excuse the pun.