Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Norman Arrives in Borneo!

We are happy to announce that after an incredible feat of flying, Norman has arrived safely at Kuching. Today’s epic started late last night as Norman with the help of members of the EAA Malaysia Chapter 1090 (Experimental Aircraft Association) sorted out the aircraft and prepared new flight plans ready for today’s flight. It was 01.00 am (all times local Malaysian time) when Norman finally got to bed and he was up again at 06.00am! This allowed him to depart Kuala Lumpur on time and he was escorted in the air for 50 miles by members of the EAAM before he made a landing at Johor Senai Airport for refueling. This took less than an hour and then he was off again, heading out over the South China Sea with a daunting 400 + mile (640+ Km) flight across open water, before reaching the Indonesian eastern side of the island of Borneo. He then proceeded up a river valley to enter the Malaysian part of Borneo and proceeded to descend into Kuching International Airport (WBGG) where he arrived at approximately 18.15 and was met by more members of the EAAM and local aviation enthusiasts.

We cannot thank enough the members of the MEAA for their assistance whilst Norman was in Kuala Lumpur and special thanks go to…

Captain K Siva Rama, a 747 pilot with Malaysian Airlines and main coordinator of the EMAA

Mrs Rani Siva Raman; Honourable Secretary of the EMAA

Mr Lee Chong Yen,

Mr Shafiq Wilson

Mr Ritzerwan

A truly daunting flight has been accomplished once again in Norman’s resolute and inspirational way. I am sure he is already impressing the folks on the ground with his big smile and affability.

We hope you enjoyed watching his progress on Spot Tracker, it was really entertaining.


  1. Fantastic job incredibly completed! What can you say about a pilot who has 5 hours sleep and then spends close to every daylight hour in the cockpit flying mainly over the wide open spaces of the South China which does have a certain reputation that makes the English Channel seem like a kiddies paddling pool. What can you say? Brave, fearless, intrepid, pioneering...the superaltives could go on all day but the one that matters most I think we all have heart stopping moments when we follow you on Spot but I am sure your professionalism in the 'office' makes our worries seem rather silly. But if nothing else, you have lit up the world of aviation with your seat-of-the-pants escapades and we salute you.
    Have a well earned rest tonight Norman, and clear skies and happy landings for the rest of the journey.

  2. It seems that Malaysia has done Norman proud - no more than he deserves.
    Congratulations on today's flight and enjoy your well earned rest Norman.

  3. TRuly inspirational!
    We are following you daily here in San Francisco, Norman. God speed!!

  4. Well done you! I watched you cross a good bit of the sea through the night...SPOT was slow to respond a few times so you had my heart thumpin' good! We're all with you Norman! Safe journeys ahead...
    Barbs xx