Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Norman's Slowest Journey Yet?

Norman has just undertaken a journey of around 280 miles (450 Km) and it took him 10 hours! But don’t worry, G-YROX didn’t hit a really strong headwind, this is how long it took for the bus to travel from Laoag to the Philippine capital city, Manila. Norman is spending a couple of days there giving interviews to local and international media representatives. Hopefully, there will be a pod cast soon from one of the interviews.

Meanwhile, permission to fly on is getting closer and hopefully there should be news about the resumption to the flight soon.

Norman has been able to pass on his delight with the response to an article in the German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’. The interest in Germany spurred on by this article has added many new friends to Norman’s Facebook page, many new followers on the Blog and a massive increase in people following Norman on Twitter.

Here is the link to the article, which does convey the spirit of Norman and his adventure.
The Article in Der Spiegel

Tomorrow's Blog will include photos from Laoag.

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  1. I like the twist ;-) Good news about Der Spiegel and the also about the new fans and followers and I notice the charity fund is steadily rising too. It looks like your adventure is reaching the whole world now, well done Norman. Enjoy Manila btw.

  2. I bet you would have much rather have flown to Manila than go by bus - certainly would have been a lot quicker - but another new experience under you belt. I hope, though, that the drivers in the Phillipines are not as manic as those here in Egypt!
    Good luck with the interviews and hoping we'll get a chance to hear them.
    Fingers crossed that you'll be able to continue your flight sometime soon.

  3. Norman
    Such a long bus journey.
    Just hope you had a seat and it wasn't standing room only ??

    Looking forward to following you to the next countries you visit.