Friday, August 20, 2010

Norman Pays Tribute to the Battle of Britain Autogyro

As the people of Britain start a month of airshows and remembrance services commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Norman would like to highlight the little known part played by Autogyro’s during this period.

In 1934 the RAF received its first Avro Rota Mk 1, a licenced built Cierva C30A (Designed by Juan De La Cierva, the inventor of the autogyro). By 1940,1448 Flight at Duxford were equipped with Avro Rota Mk 1 Autogyro’s and No.529 RAF Squadron at RAF Halton were also equipped Avro Rota Mk1’s to be used to assist the new Secret Radar Sites to calibrate their equipment.

They were instructed to fly out to a known distance and height. The Radar operators could then use their position to tune their equipment to make it more accurate at spotting enemy bombers and fighter approaching the South Coast of England during the Battle of Britain. Some Autogiros were in civil ownership and at the beginning of the war they were impressed into military service.

It is obvious that because of the special maneuvering characteristics of the autogyro the research into Radar may not have reached the sophistication that was needed to turn the tide of the air war during those dark days in the summer of 1940.

A true unsung hero from the Battle of Britain, the spirit of the Autogyro continues today as can be seen by Norman’s adventure. But back in March, before Norman set off on his quest, he went to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford in Cambridgeshire for the official media announcement for his planned circumnavigation and whilst there he paid his own respects to one of the few remaining Rota Mk1’s left in the world, which is on display in the museum. (See photo below)

Norman with the Avro Rota Mk1 at Duxford
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