Monday, August 9, 2010

Norman Describes Yesterday's Flight...

Norman will not be flying today but he has been able to get this message out from Luzon and in his own words describes yesterday’s flight and today’s schedule…

I had an invite to the Woodlands Airpark after I contacted them - Captain Siva (from Kuala Lumpur) had put me on to them initially. I progressed up towards Manila bay under the 1500 feet control Zone. All the mountains were covered in low cloud so the low level approach over the sea was the best by far - some spectacular Islands en route - I am now staying with one of the flyers - Jay - from the airfield and I am going to perform a 25 hour airframe inspection today (as the aircraft was re-built - we have to check all the bolts after 25 hours- this is the best place to do this as the airfield, like Nong Prue has a great club atmosphere and will be relatively inexpensive to stay - the other consideration has been the Typhoon Ester which has tracked north of PHILIPPINES - it’s not in my way now as it is moving off but it has dragged a lot of heavy cloud and rain behind it between me and Taiwan - the extra day will allow this to disperse more.

Going to the airfield now with Jay so will report further soon and send a picture or two of the big rain


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  1. Good luck with the airframe inspection.

    Enjoy another day in what looks to be Paradise.
    You sure have the knack of finding some wonderful locations to have a bit of R and R.