Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Norman Prepares for Major Sea Crossing...

Norman is staying in Kuala Lumpur tonight and is being hosted by members of the EAA Malaysia Chapter 1090,. His arrival was spectacular, with a member of the EAA meeting him mid-air about 30 minutes out from the airport and escorting him to the city where they did a few circuits of the Petronas Towers, which was videoed for future publication.

Because of the extra time spent in the air and activities on the ground, Norman was unable to carry on to his next scheduled destination of Tioman Island. This means that he will depart Kuala Lumpur at 08.30 (local time) tomorrow morning and fly to Johor Senai Airport (WMKJ) where he will refuel before carrying on to Kuching Airport (WBGG) in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. This epic flight will also include a sector of flying over open water for 450 nautical miles (518 miles / 833 Km).

The members of the EAA Malaysia Chapter 1090, will be flying in formation with Norman after he departs Kuala Lumpur and will accompany him until he leaves the city airspace and they will be taking photos during this stage of the flight which we hope to be posting in the near future.

The Gyrox Team.


  1. Your day sounded great and I can't wait to see the images from your trip around the Towers. But all the best for tomorrows marathon of a flight, I will be watching intently.
    Clear skies and happy landings

  2. I see you have taken off successfully today Norman.
    Your time in KL sounded really interesting and I'm really pleased that you had such a great welcome.
    Happy flying today and looking forward to seeing you land in Kuching where I hope you will get as great a reception as the one you had yesterday.

  3. Hi Norman,
    So glad you are well and truly on your travels again after your hiccup in Thailand. The plus side was the kind hospitality. No doubt you and your new-found friends at Nongprue won't forget your experience there - it will make good reading in a book !! What a treat to have been met by members of the Malaysian EAA.

    A note for Eddie Gold - Norman's Mum Nan(our nearest neighbour) visits or speaks with Hubby and I most days and, like children, we have been looking forward to reading your blogs since Norman's time in Egypt. I scroll the comments to find your blog first before reading any others. Nan is so happy that Norman has met such kind people along the way who have become ardent followers as he lives his dream. Keep up your blogs which bring pleasure to 3 pensioners.

    Norman, take care, safe journeying and keep smiling.