Monday, August 9, 2010

Norman Prepares to Head North...

After a days rest from flying and a chance to do some important checks on G-YROX, Norman will be departing Woodlands Air Park in the centre of Luzon Island, The Philippines, for a 200 mile (321 Km) flight to Laoag International Airport (RPLI) near the northern tip of Luzon Island and the last port of call in the Philippines before heading to Taiwan.

It is expected that Norman will depart WAP mid-morning tomorrow for a lunchtime arrival at Laoag (all times local) and following the 200 mile flight it is unlikely that he will continue to Taiwan a further 300+ miles (480+ Km) across the Philippine Sea.

As usual, departure and destination are subject to weather and permissions.
There will be further updates after Norman arrives in Laoag.

Follow tomorrow’s progress on the ‘Spot’ tracker at

and a reminder why Norman is attempting this flight

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  1. Really looking forward to following you tomorrow Norman. I hope the remains of the Typhoon have cleared and you have a pleasant flight north to your last stop in the Philippines.
    Clear skies and happy landings :-)

  2. Glad Norman made it safely to Laoag Intl Airport. Here is a link to a video of a landing at the airport there. Norman sure must be seeing some spectacular scenery.

    Jim Cook