Friday, August 13, 2010

Norman Prepares For A Typhoon.

As Norman spends another day in Laoag, in the northern tip of Luzon Island, The Philippines, waiting for permission to fly into Taiwan, he has received reports of an approaching typhoon, due to hit the area next week. This will need careful scrutiny over the next few days and may be crucial in deciding departure dates.

As for G-YROX; as was previously reported, she has been sharing space with the Laoag Airport fire engines, safely tucked up under a covered roof where she has her own 24 hour guard! But Norman has decided that with a typhoon on its way G-YROX needs to be in a more secure setting and is hoping tomorrow morning to fly her the short hop from the airport to the secure area of the University Campus where he is staying whilst in Laoag.

This has a secure garage where G-YROX can be safely ensconced, away from the worst of the weather. Maybe, if Spot is switched on, this short flight will be visible on the tracker tomorrow.

             *     *     *

Norman has also been able to forward a few more photos from his time at Woodlands Air Park

Photo one shows Norman preparing to take G-YROX on a test flight following the 25 hour checks which were undertaken with the help of the backseat passenger, Jay Cook, whilst at Woodland’s Air Park.
(Photo courtesy of Tony Willis)

Photo two shows Norman and Jay taxiing out for the test flight under a darkening sky
(Photo Courtesy of Tony Willis)

Photo three shows G-YROX in flight, keeping quite low because of the very low cloud base…
(Photo courtesy of Tony Willis)

Photo four shows Norman and G-YROX outside the Woodland terminal in a group shot with some of the local engineers who helped Norman with his checks.
(Photo coutesy of Tony Willis)

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  1. Glad to hear that G-YROX is being looked after well. The photos are great as always.

  2. Really great to have these regular updates and photo's....all the best Norman, and I hope the bureaucracy and or typhoons don't hold you up much. Cheers, Randy Findlay, Burnaby, B.C. Canada.

  3. Pleased to see you and Roxy looking good in these smashing photos.

    Happy to hear that Roxy will now be tucked safely away from danger.
    Take great care of yourself.

  4. It's fantastic to see all is going well and some great shots of the flying machine getting you from one part of the world to the next.

    Bureaucracy and or typhoons are sent to try the will of mankind, but, I know you will beat the odds all the way so my best wishes are with you.