Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Did Norman Land? Mystery Resolved...

Norman departed Puerta Princesa on Palawan Island in the Philippines at around 10.00am local time and headed, as was expected, north across the South China Sea towards the Island of Luzon, The Philippines largest island, and his scheduled refuelling stop at Subic Bay. It was only as he approached Luzon that people who were following his progress on the Spot Flight Tracker noticed that he made a north easterly change of direction that took him into Manila Bay and headed towards a destination that was at that time unknown!

A quick glance ahead suggested that Clark Airforce base may have been his destination but this was not to be. He continued northward and then appeared to have landed in the middle of nowhere!

But soon the mystery was resolved when it was discovered that he had arrived at the Woodland Air Park near Angeles City, an ultralight/microlight airfield, similar to the one at Nongprue and home to the Angeles City Flying Club.

This Flying club certainly has the facilities to make Norman’s stay with them an enjoyable one, which you can check out at the link below.

Some facts about today’s flight…

Depart Puerta Princesa…10.00 local time

Arrive Woodland Air Park…15.00 local time

Distance covered…approx 420 miles (675 Km)

Distance over open water…230 miles (370 Km)

Time in the air…5 hours

Although he was scheduled to fly on from Subic Bay to night stop at Laoag in the north of the island, Norman is now spending the night at the flying club and is expected to head to Laoag in the morning, but because flying a gyrocopter in distance lands is not an exact science this may change at any time.

But these sudden changes in flight plans all add to the drama and suspense of following Norman on the Spot tracker.


  1. It certainly was a dramatic 5 hours wondering where you were going, but nice to see you have found a little spot of paradise once again to spend the night. WTG Norman, your fame is spreading :-)
    Clear skies and happy landings for tomorrow :-)

  2. Drama and suspense was not how I would describe this morning.
    I was unable to zoom in on SPOT, so all that I could see was trees or woodland.
    What a relief to see that you had landed safely and in such a wonderful place.
    Will be following your journey tomorrow as usual.
    Take care.

  3. Glad to hear Norman is fine and changed his flight plan to join some fellow enthusiasts from the Angeles Flying Club. It is so interesting to follow Norman through these different countries and with google maps, weather and pixs you feel part of the adventure. The views through these countries must be spectacular from GYROX! Wish I was there. Safe journey Norman!
    Jim Cook-Vancouver, Canada

  4. Hi Norman,
    I'm following your hops with interest on SPOT
    as I'd like to do the same thing in my Cessna someday. I'm also looking forward to meeting a fellow countryman here in Vancouver. Happy chopping.

    John Stewart