Thursday, August 19, 2010

Norman Arrives Back at Laoag

Norman has arrived back at Laoag following his 2 day sojourn in the Philippine capital of Manila. This followed yet another 10 hour overnight bus journey to the northern end of Luzon Island.

Norman described the trip as...
“Not too bad, I was able to curl up on a double seat and get some shuteye, but there were no facilities on the bus and when it did stop to pick up more passengers you had very little time to use the rest stop facilities before the driver was sounding his horn, which meant you had one minute to get back on the bus before he drove off, no questions asked!”

Norman is now waiting for final clearances to fly on and is hoping this will be very soon.

In the meantime he has been able to send some photos for inclusion here of his arrival at Laoag and subsequent storage of G-YROX in the airport fire station!

Photo one shows the typical greeting he has when arriving in far flung airports. People appear from nowhere and although complete strangers, take Norman and his ‘funny little aeroplane’ to heart. In fact it is hard to see G-YROX with all the well-wishers surrounding Norman.

Norman with Well-Wishers

Photo two shows G-YROX being positioned in the Airport Fire Station with two firemen happy to have a new resident. One even dressed in matching uniform to G-YROX’s paint scheme!

G-YROX Fits in nicely in her temporary new home

The third photo shows Norman with two of the firemen who are obviously ready for anything. Norman looks quite under-dressed for the occasion.
Norman looks quite under-dressed for the occasion.

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