Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From the Middle East to Middle India

Well it’s been quite a transition in the last week, from the surprisingly rainy Deserts of Saudi Arabia displaying some cloud cover and hence therefore “relatively” cool, to be now faced with the oppressively hot 47 degree Celsius heat of Nagpur and Raipur. At least it is a dry heat with little humidity, unlike later in the summer as the monsoon creeps across the continent.

The weather for flying has been good  - apart from the daily sauna on the ground whilst getting ready! I don’t recall pre flight checks during my early flight training in Cumbria (N.W. England) make any mention of seeking out the nearest spare baggage trolley to keep the fuel in the shade until the very last minute before departure. Photo below of an Indian maintenance crew not sure where to start on this funny little aircraft.


  1. Well done on raising 25% of the target amount of funds, and on getting much of the way across India. I did wonder what it must be like in that suit in the heat!

  2. Many thanks for the latest update. I hope you manage to get some sightseeing done today. Enjoy a well earned rest whatever you decide to do.

  3. I agree with Louise, a magnificent effort on the fundraising, not just by Norman doing his amazing journey but also by the efforts of the support team back in Ireland, a big hurrah to you all :-)
    I think it was a sensible idea to have a rest day today. The heat is hard for anyone living in a temperate climate to comprehend. The use of the word 'oppresively' is spot on. It is draining and there is no respite from it unless you can find a place with good air conditioning. So hopefully Norman can get cool today and recharge his eloctrolytes and maybe get a bit of sightseeing in along with a cold 'un, maybe he can even find some of the 'Black Stuff' :-)
    Have a great day Norman and start tomorrow refreshed and well. Best wishes, Eddie :-)

  4. These updates are getting better and better, thanks for keeping us up to date. We hope that the Indian Maintenance crew managed to do their job on your "funny little aircraft". Have a good day off...

  5. Hope you've been having a good day in Raipur and have been balancing sightseeing with keeping cool. Have a good night and wake refreshed for your next stage. All the best