Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Norman has landed in Myanmar / Listen to him on the radio

Norman has landed in Yangon, Myanmar 12.13.20 (IST). You can listen to Norman on the BBC radio programme 'Talkback' via the internet. It is transmitted today (27 April 2010) and it was recorded yesterday by phone from Chittagong, Bangladesh. The programme is on the air from 12.00 (IST) and here is the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007cpt4 


  1. Well done again Norman. A long flight today but a scenic one I think. Thailand tomorrow...you do get around !!.Safe flying and keep up the momentum...you are being watched Lol.

  2. A great flight Norman and timed to perfection. We were able to see you land safely at Yangon and then listen to you on the radio! A nice commentary about your time in the Saudi desert. All great stuff; have a great day in Yangon and we look forward to your flight to Thailand tomorrow :-)

  3. Could some kind soul tell me how I can make a donation as the link doesn't work when I click on this page.That's all it does is click.



  4. Thanks for the comment about your wish to donate. Here is what you can do. Wait for the 'Just Giving' button on the right to fully load - it is a bit slow and then click on the 'Donate' button at the bottom which is also a bit slow. If you are still having problems email the Gyrox Goes Global team at gyroxgoesglobal@gmail.com and they can help further.

  5. Pleased to see that Norman has landed safely in Rangoon/Yangon. I was sorry to miss the radio broadcast as I was at work and there was no chance to sneak off and listen!
    Norman has certainly flown to some magical sounding places.
    Good luck on the next leg of you journey Norman.

  6. You can hear Norman on the link above, he's around 52 min 30 sec in, talking about getting caught between thunderstorms in Saudi.

    Stay safe Norman, and please keep Spot well fed with new batteries, the long pauses give us palpitations!

  7. Hi Norman,
    Good luck with your flight today. If you get the chance, can you let us know a rough ETA for Best Ocean?
    All the best,
    Ian. Nong Prue Flying Club.