Thursday, April 29, 2010

Norman has landed at Nongprue, Thailand

Norman has landed at a local microlight flying club Nongprue, Thailand.

According to Ian Gilks of the Nong Prue Flying Club and our contact on the ground Norman has had a beer and is freshening up at the Siam Country Club. Then back to the airfield for a BBQ and a couple more beers. Press interviews and air to air filming are planned for tomorrow morning.


  1. Don't spill beer or barbecue sauce down your blue and white striped shirt Norman as the other one is probably in the wash!

    All us followers appreciate the 2 new additions to the website. Another welcome feature would be a mileage tally. At the end of each day, we'd be able to see the number of miles you've traveled rise closer to 27,000.

    From your big sister, Norah.

  2. Must be great to be back in a "real" airfield after all those vast expanses of hot concrete with their security b*s and regulation nonsense!

    Stay safe, Norman.

  3. Quick question Norman....have you worked out where the point is where you no longer are flying away from Larne but back to it, in otherwords your half way point??.Best of luck again on your endeavours...I don't think I've missed a day on your progress via the spot tracker or the blog.

  4. Norah - you should know that Norman never wastes anything precious like food or Beer - even if he accidently spills some of it - it never has a chance of touching clothes or the ground. !! Junty