Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rained soaked autogyro in Chittagong - what to do next?

Norman had planned to fly to Mandalay or Yangon in the Union of Myanmar previously known as Burma today. This may be on hold because of thunderstorms in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Norman gives his input on this and more here. 

Below is a nice picture of the scene outside my Hotel this morning  in Chittagong, Bangladesh. A very active thunderstorm system has arrived and it’s raining hard - poor old Gyrox is at the airport sitting out in the open (I had tried to plead my case to get her put under cover last night but to no avail - the more I work with large airport administration the less I think they are actually concerned about the real needs of  aircraft and aviators. 

The fact that after all their delaying paperwork and endless phone calls to each other to check the fine nuances of an administrative detail (you know how it goes- is that the right code number on this yellow chitty or should it be the one on the pink sheet, sit down I better just check with my supervisor who has just nipped out - he’ll be back in a minute...would you like some Tea?) someone has to actually climb into an aircraft and actually fly the thing is furthest from their mind it seems.

the Aircraft has its lightweight cover but I doubt this rain will be kept out - it’s not a County Antrim Drizzle! Of more concern is the rotor head which will be getting a good wash but this is not ideal if the careful greasing work is being undone...

Will have to take a view later as to the possible routing (if any flying is possible today at all)  


  1. It seems that the problems you had with bureaucracy in Egypt are also prevalent in other parts of the world. It must be so frustrating for you and my heart goes out to poor old GYROX, stuck out in the rain. It's not as if you had asked to hangar a Jumbo Jet or something, I'm sure there must've been a small corner somewhere where GYROX could've been put under cover. But hopefully, all the greasing will still be in place and you will be able to move on soon, although I am not sure that Myanmar will be any easier, bureaucracy wise, but I am sure Malaysia and Thailand might be easier and more helpful.
    Fingers crossed for a break in the weather, we will be watching 'spot' intently.
    Good luck Norm and enjoy the rain if you can ;-)

  2. Hope the rain doesn't cause Gyrox too many problems and you'll be able to have a good check of the mechanics before you set off again.

    It's frustrating to be delayed by the weather, but better safe than sorry and it's an opportunity for some rest hopefully.

  3. Grease is the the the song from the movie...Choppers usually use a mineral oil based grease with calcium soap added for lubing the rotor bearings so if it rains heavy enough it will deplete...and thats not so good.Hopefully you will be okay and on your way Norman.Well done on all you have achieved so far and good luck with the next leg.We are all rooting for you...

  4. Norman, you should know by now that large airports are BAD and very unfriendly. it is all about bureaucracy and no flying.
    i was once stuck in an airport 6 and half hours for a simple refuel, which took 10 minutes. getting an handling agent to take us to the a/c took 6 hours.
    good luck with the rest of the trip. gianmarco