Friday, April 9, 2010

Norman landed safely Saudi Arabia

Norman landed safely at Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia at 17:40 (IST).  As Eddie Gold who hosted Norman in Cairo said "over 6 hours flying and arriving as the light fades makes this leg of his journey one to remember! 

The initial flight north this morning, the opposite to Normans intended route, was because of the extremly strict flight rules.  This prohibits civil aircraft from flying direct from Aswan in Egypt to Jeddah.  This route must be done from Luxor. As a result Norman had to fly back to Luxor to get on the acceptable airway to Jeddah. 

Norman was further slowed down by the Egyptian bureaucracy this was in contrast to the wonderful people he met there and the help and support he received from them.  Between this and the diversion north nearly two hours were added to his flight time making it an exhausting six hours plus!

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  1. Glad you landed safely at Jeddah after an amazing days flying. It was hard watching the tracker showing you over the Red Sea as we watched the sun go down and knew it was the same for you. What a relief to see you reach the airport after an amazingly long flight over desert, mountains and open sea. Well done to you Norman and give Oscar Xray a hug from all of us ;-)
    Have a good nights rest on your first night in Asia
    Best wishes from all of your friends in Egypt.

  2. Glad to Hear Norman has made it safely to Jeddah

    Just one thing which is the problems Norman was mainly facing during his stay in Egypt were mainly flight planning Problems so I wouldn't blame the Egyptian Bureaucracy as much as I would blame the poor flight planning from the Flight Planning company !

    Ahmed Hassan

  3. Good job Norman, like Moise


  4. Very incredible to be flying such a small aircraft in a strange country, in pretty extreme weather... ie, temp's, winds, barren landscapes , for six hours at a stretch ! Glad everything worked out today ! You have many strangers such as myself rooting for you Norman....this is one of the most intriguing ventures I think I've seen anyone take on !! As a past fellow pilot, I think I can relate a bit to what you must be up against. Keep 'er goin' !! Look forward to seeing you make North America, and Vancouver, B.C. in particular ! If we can be of any assistance to you here, please let us know !! Cheers, Randy Findlay.

  5. Well done Norm. I knew there had to be a good reason for the slight divert, reason why I said it was too technical to me.

    May the rest of your conquests be less problematic. Forward and onwards. Good luck.