Friday, April 9, 2010

Norman is heading for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Norman is heading for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea today. This will be a distance of over 430 miles / 690 kilometres heading in a south easterly direction. The area of Egypt he is flying across is commonly know as the Eastern Desert. It is crisscrossed by ancient Roman roads and caravan routes used by local traders over hundreds of years.

At Aswan the weather is sunny, clear and a hot 28°C. Wind is out of the north at 27 km/h which should give Norman a little push along. He has a long flight ahead of him across arid desert and open sea.

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  1. Confusing the heck out of me Norm. I wonder if any more dedicated followers question the direction Spot gives after the latest update that he will be heading for Jeddah on a South Westerly heading. 430 miles, plus the track showing a Northerly heading away from the suggested route.I think I know the reason, but technically can't put it in words. Radar subject I waypoints.


  2. Should have said South Easterly..Sorry lol, even I get it wrong.Trying to fathom out the route taken, unless the route has been changed. I read it as Jeddah across the Oman gulf to Karachi(Assumably).


    Roger(Totally flummaxed)

  3. Congratulations on getting to Jeddah safely. I was wondering about the northerly detour on take-off from Aswan too. Air traffic control instructions maybe?

  4. I think I can answer some of Rogers queries. Here in Egypt the authorities do want you to keep to the rules and the hoped for route across to Jeddah may have come to close to 'sensitive' areas to be allowed. His NNE fligh also took him past the highest points in Egypt which may have been a problem for G-YROX and also the nearest emergency airports were at Luxor (north of Aswan) and Mars Alam ( just north of were he finally crossed the Egyptian coast). I imagine the calculations were carefully made and considered for this extra long detour but it all worked out well in the end. His flight across Saudi has to go via Riyadh and then on down to the UAE. But as Norman told me, everything is fluid and plans can change by the hour.