Friday, April 23, 2010

Norman arrived safely Kolkata, India.


  1. It was great to recieve this blog entry; after an interminable wait for 'Spot' to update, which it never did, it is good to know Norman has completed yet another leg of his eastward journey. Well done Norm, and please leave the tracker on until you have at least been on the ground for an hour ;-)
    Have a great day in Kolkata :-)

  2. Norman,
    Can you search Kolkota for a new battery for Spot? You're causing hypertension here!

  3. Thank heavens you have arrived and are ok
    please check your Spot page .
    you appear to have come down after 2 hours
    in the middle of nowhere. i was thinking heat had caused a problem from your comments in
    earlier blog lostings


    Keith D.

  4. For all thos who have been kept in suspense over the last coupe of days waiting for 'Spot' to update, well I may have an answer. I have been in touch with the technical support team back in Ireland and they have informed me that the 'Spot' tracker, not unlike a mobile phone, can occasionally lose its signal and these l...ast couple of days this has seemed to be the case. It's sod's law that it has happened so close to the arrival airport and has kept us wondering! Hope that has helped :-)

  5. Norman,

    good to see you are still going strong. Gotta be hot in the suit eh !

    Good luck for the next leg mate !