Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Norman flies to Raipur / notes from the heart of India

Norman flies further east from Nagpur to Raipur in India. This is a relatively short flight of 174 miles / 280 kilometers which should take him about 2 hours.

Norman has now reached steaming heat as he flies through the heart of tropical India.  The temperature on arrival at Nagpur was a blistering 47.  While he had the relief of sea breezes the previous day there was no such relief yesterday. Norman below, with the Indian crew, looking a little blurred after his long flight to Nagpur.


  1. Many thanks for the latest updates on Norman's progress. It is always good to hear how he is getting on.
    Congratulations on landing safely at Raipur, today's destination.

  2. Thank you for a very interesting blog entry; it's always good to find out what may have caused a delay. Us followers of 'Spot' do hold our combined breath whenever there is no movement on the tracker! It's also great to hear about the places Norman has flown over and the sights he has seen, thank you again for a wonderful blog entry :-)

  3. Following Normans progress with interest.
    Janet and Geoff Robinson