Sunday, April 18, 2010

Norman has landed in India

Norman has landed at Ahmedabad, India at 11.14 (IST) in the lush green state of Gujarat. We have been told that Ahmedabad and Gujrat in general are famous for traditional Indian sweets. 


  1. Congratulations Norman on a nother intrepid flight. Yet another country added to your passport and a completely different culture for you to experience! Ahmedebad looks a nice place and I hope you enjoy your stay there. Good luck with your progress across the sub-continent. Happy landings :-)

  2. you are finally in a country where I know you will be received well and where you will have less of communications problem. it's well Norman we are all with you


  3. I think, Gerard, you should check facts before saying such a comment. Norman has been received exceptionally well everywhere he has landed. He may have had problems with red-tape and officials and we don't know whether that is the same in India or not, but I know for a FACT that people have gone out of their way to make Norman welcome in their part of the world and Norman has been very very pleased by this. Your comment lessens the efforts of many people, most of whom didn't know Norman before his arriving in their country, to help Norman in any way they can, always with a smile and always feeling happy to have met Norman and been able to help him. Your comment may also deter people from further along his route who might be put off from helping by your remark.

  4. I was quite surprised,Gerard,to read your comment posted above as it implies that up until now, as he has travelled through Europe, Africa and the Middle east, Norman has not been made to feel welcome.
    Whilst red tape in some of these countries can be extremely frustrating, I feel that your remarks are a slight towards all the ordinary people who have come to Norman's aid so far.
    I am sure that anyone who has helped, in whatever capacity, feels proud to be part of Norman's remarkable adventure.

  5. Gerard - what do you mean when you said Norman is finally in a country where he will be "received well"? He has been received well in all countries so far, he may have had problems with Red Tape but there have always been people there to help him through that and ordinary citizens to make his stays memorable. I for one am proud to have met him on his fantastic journey and say "well done" to the people who have helped him along his way.

    Eddie - I have been following your log of Norman's journey and cannot thank you enough for your comments. I am sure that Norman will be happy that you are promoting his adventure so well.

  6. Gerard - what you mean by your comments? Every country has received Norman with open arms so far. There may have been problems with red tape but that has been sorted by locals who are following Norman's adventure. Ordinary people have gone out of their way to help in any way they can.

    I am proud to say that met Norman along his way and he is VERY pleased with the help he has had from ordinary people.

    Eddie - thank you so much for all your updates, I know that Norman and his team must be grateful for all your hard work.

    Norman - continued safe flying, can't wait for the next update.....

  7. Thank you for your kind comments but my continued enthusiasm for Norman's quest since he left Egypt has been instilled because of meeting the man and spending time with him. I have had many thank you notes from people following Norman on this blog and on Facebook which has been very nice but I must say that I am humbled by the work being put in behind the scenes by Tommy and his support team back in Ireland. Norman must be so proud of them and they are also heroes, although quietly modest about the efforts they are putting in to thia epic adventure :-)